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Jerica’s Story

Jerica is Cobb County's District Two Commissioner, serving as a fierce advocate in the community, and representing the intersection of technology, business, and public policy. Her nontraditional track to public office includes making an impact in the technology industry as a thought leader and Technology Strategic Program Manager for Equifax, authoring several books, and a short stint in the entrepreneurial field with two companies. She attended Georgia Tech and graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Her aspiration is to create a world with empowered people where opportunity justice is administered across all areas of life- education, welfare, economic well-being, health, and safety. She believes there are many ways to bring about such important and impactful changes, and lives to encourage others to contribute in the best way they can.

Originally from New Orleans, she comes from a large family and arrived in Atlanta on the heels of Hurricane Katrina.


Our Successes

Increased Community Engagement

Quarterly Town Halls, Multilingual Site, Weekly Agenda Reviews, Acts of Kindness Initiative, Constituent Site and Community Chatroom

Systemic Approach to Governance

Identified County System Networks for Review, Removal of Department Liaisons, Community Cabinet Launch

Navigating the Pandemic

Addition of Resources, New Programs and Current Federal Program Modifications, Increased Access to Programs, Stop the Spread Initiative, Adopt a Family Initiative

Community-Driven Zoning Decisions

Identified Communities and Representation Around District, Priorities Tour

Public Safety Investments

Detention Center Upgrades, New Firestation at Cumberland

Public Services Investments

Silver Comet Extension Investment

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