Meet Jerica's Campaign Team


Connecting Cobb

#TeamJerica Staff

Katie Killeen
Campaign Manager
Aliye Korucu
Deputy Campaign Manager
Lance T. Jones
Voter Contact Strategist

Ryan Campbell
Comms and Media Strategy
Cole Gibson
Comms Director
Liz Benecchi
Interactions Manager
Nava Rawls
Scheduling and Media Relations

Sophia Cherribi
Volunteer Coordinator
Jack LeGrow
Volunteer and Staff Recruitment
Steven Strasberg
Data and Applications Manager
Lorie Bonham
Comms Consultant

Ceia Stewart
District 2- Voter Contact Coordinator
Hannah Shephard-Moore
Political Director
Austin Fabritius
Assistant Political Director/ Coordinated Cobb Campaign
Alexis Sumbry
Community Outreach Director

Elijah Grace
Donor Outreach
Social Media Fundraising
Maryanne Hable
Donor Engagement

#TeamJerica Super Volunteers

Oscar Murillo
Super Volunteer- Canvassing
Charlotte Langes Bretz
Super Volunteer- Social Media Warrior
Carrie Weston
Super Volunteer- PostCard Parties
Ken Hymes
Super Volunteer- Voter Registration

Michelle Sollicito
Super Volunteer- Short Clips

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