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I am a staunch 'closed until further notice' with our next steps being that we are proactive when it comes to our environment. We owe it to the community, both residential and commercial stakeholders to be comprehensive in our standards, and we hold groups accountable for any harms. High hazard designations should be clearly defined, reporting should be transparent and accuracy should be incentivized.

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East Cobb Cityhood
When it comes to the current plan and agenda, my stance on this is issue is a solid 'No to East Cobb Cityhood'. While, cities can be the foundation of an identity, and a means by which economic growth can be expanded and fostered, they can also be a political tool to decrease the impact of changing demographics. Given that certain criteria are met, I am more than willing to entertain the creation of a new city.

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COVID Recovery Framework
The problem we face in overcoming this crisis is a human and health problem. A vaccine will not make this virus nor disease disappear, but rather a full eradication of this virus and it's subsequent community spread. Our county and our nation must adopt a structured testing, quarantining, and monitoring protocol that is consistently applied across communities. The primary issue we face is a logistical one putting the counties on call to provide resources and data to show evidence of progress.

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